How To Install vShare Application

vShare is an iPhone application manager program. When the famous installous was over, the so-called clonic programs appeared, that is, they fulfil the same function as the old program, but have a different name. vShare will allow us to install a program that is normally in the paid AppStore but in a freeway on our device. The only indispensable requirement that exists in the installation of vShare is that we need to have jailbroken in our iPhone to be able to free it and to be able to install this application.


The reason is that it is obviously not an application approved by Apple, so it is necessary to make some kind of modification in the structure of the phone in order to install the program. Once we have done the jailbreak, we can install this application and therefore, be able to fill our iPhone with totally free applications and therefore enjoy it to the fullest.

The bad thing about these rare applications for the iPhone is that people don’t know how to install them just like that. If these applications are installed incorrectly, it could happen that there was some kind of error in our mobile, leaving it even totally disabled.

That’s why you need some advice since this is really possible to do it yourself and save a few tens of euros on a computer technician. However, you should always know what you are doing so as not to fail your installation.

If you want to learn how to install vShare, you are in the right place, that is, the technological section of

What Do You Need To Install vShare?

  • An iPhone with jailbreak
  • Internet connection.

Instructions to install vShare

Perform the jailbreak:

An indispensable requirement when installing vShare is to jailbreak your iPhone, since only then will we be able to do it. Jailbreak is the fact of taking full advantage of the potential of your iPhone, that is, of completely freeing it to be able to install applications from somewhere other than the Apple AppStore. In any store, a technician does it with a price of between 20 and 100 euros, depending on the mobile you have, its operating system and if it is possible to do so. Jailbreak can be a great cost at first, but in the long term, it will allow you to save a lot of money since it will allow you to install paid applications for free. Once you have the jailbreak done and the Cydia installed, it is time to start.

Add repository in the Cydia:

Cydia is like a kind of pirate market for the iPhone, which is installed when we jailbreak. We will enter it and the option of adding repositories, since only then will we be able to have vShare under control. To do this, we will copy and paste there the following URL, which is a link to the repository where vShare is installed. When you are ready, we will click on install vShare in the part of Cydia where all the available programs come out. When clicking on the installation tab, we will have to wait a bit for it to be installed and click on the restart option to have it ready.

vshare app

General view:

Once we are ready and have it installed, we can take a general look at the vShare program, which has a lot of applications so we can download them for free. Once it is installed, the program will be available on our iPhone so that we can access it. We will get a program that has a bad translation, half in Japanese and half in English, however, it also has many applications in Spanish to download without any problem.

Tips to install vShare

Other Apps; vShare is just one more application to install applications on iPhone with the jailbreak, what I mean is that there are many more applications to install these programs on our mobile. A clear example is usually AppAddict, which we have also talked about in our blog, talking about its advantages and how we could install it correctly on our phone. Both work quite well and do their job very well, however, each has its own peculiarities, one having a different repository than the other. I would stay more with AppAddict since it is completely translated into Spanish (although it is also an application that comes from China) and has more popular applications when installing. In addition, its installation is much simpler, although none has many complications, because now everything comes much easier than years ago, so that any user can do it.

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