The Mobile App To Monitor Employee Performance

Through the use of smartphones, fitness wristbands and a personalized application, the system is able to monitor physical and emotional behaviour. Having a record of the well – being in the behaviour of the workers will allow classifying and determining the increases and decreases in performance.

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This new mobile technology represents an important advance to help workers optimize their performance during their working hours. “Mobile sensors and machine learning can be the key to getting the best out of each employee, ” said Andrew Campbell, the computer science professor who leads the development team.

Key To Optimize Performance

cal activity, location, mobile phone use and ambient light. The sports wristband monitors heart rate, sleep, stress levels and other body measurements such as weight and calorie consumption. The different location beacons are distributed at different points in the work offices and provide information on working hours and breaks.

The Most Objective Measurement Technology

The new mobile application is based on a previous one called Student Life, which monitored student academic performance and behaviour. The application has been redesigned to classify worker performance levels from a machine learning algorithm in the cloud.

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The system has been tested on more than 750 workers of different rank in the United States for one year. The study measured its performance based on different factors and has been able to determine how time spent in the workplace, sleep quality, physical activity or mobile use influence workers’ activity.

The system provides companies with a mechanism that improves feedback between workers and managers, as well as the ability to detect behaviours that can boost or slow performance.

The results of the study have confirmed that this technology is “a more objective measure of performance and allows a better understanding of the work environment and the situation of employees both inside and outside the offices.”

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