Thomas C Deloach

Thomas C Deloach

The Social Workspace Conference aims at sharing the insight and experience from some of the best practitioners from Coworking, the fastest growing sector of the workspace world.

Community Management, Hospitality, Empathy and Flexibility are at the core of coworking’s incredible popularity within the modern workforce, from freelancers to startups, and now to company employees.

The Social Workplace Conference will offer delegates a unique insight into what can make enjoyable, productive, human driven workplace environments.

Among the expected takeaways, you will:

  • Understand the expectations of modern workers and the need to create empathy within your workforce
  • Explore how to give workplaces a mission, identity and intention
  • Learn about the key features when designing a socially aimed workplace
  • Hear about how to create a sense of care and hospitality
  • Learn how to build authenticity and create genuine relationships
  • Understand how to sustaincurate and support the workplace community as your main asset
  • Appreciate the importance of positioning and marketing
  • Contacts, networking and more…

The Social Workplace Conference has already taken place twice, respectively in London and Paris.