About Social Workplace Conference 2015

The Social Workplace is an initiative of the Coworking Europe Conference in collaboration with Studio TILT.

Launched in 2010 by Global Enterprise, a consultancy focused on new working and innovation models, the Coworking Europe Conference is today the biggest gathering in the world of coworking space owners, managers and catalysts. For the last five years, the Coworking Europe Conference has predicated all the hottest trends in community based workplace, innovation and the new world of work. It has accompanied the rise of the growing freelance workforce, as well as validating the growth of more empowered employees.

The Coworking Europe Team launched the first Coworking Africa Conference this year, and works in close partnership with peers in North America and Australia.

Studio TILT is at the forefront of enabled workplace, designing coworking and working environments worldwide. Their unique codesign methodology engages users in the design and making of their spaces, transforming the way people interact with each other and their environments.

The Social Workplace brings content and insight about the strong models taking root in community managed workplaces to a wider audience of professionals from the real estate industry and from the corporate world.